Our items are shipped from partnered warehouses and because of this each item is shipped separately and comes with its own individual tracking number. You can use that tracking number to keep an eye on your package. Below we have a list of countries with the average delivery times.


 Country  Average Delivery Times
 Australia 13-20 days
 Austria 20-40 days
 Belgium 20-40 days
 Brazil 20-40 days
 Canada 16-26 days
 Denmark 20-40 days
 Finland 20-40 days
Germany 20-40 days
Greece 20-40 days
Hong Kong 20-40 days
Hungary 20-40 days
Ireland 20-40 days
Israel 19-32 days
Italy 20-40 days
Japan 20-40 days
Luxembourg 20-40 days
Malaysia 20-40 days
Mexico 20-40 days
Netherlands 15-27 days
Poland 20-40 days
Portugal 20-40 days
Russia 14-23 days
Saudi Arabia 25-39 days
Singapore 20-40 days
South Korea 20-40 days
Sweden 20-40 days
Switzerland 20-40 days
Turkey 20-40 days
Ukraine 14-23 days
United Kingdom 20-40 days
United States 12-20 days

If you did not find your country in the above list, fear not! The average time for your country is likely 20-40 days as is the case with most countries.

Customs and Duties

Please be patient and wait the average delivery time length for your item to arrive. Your item has to clear customs. Please be aware each country has its own customs laws. Although it may be unlikely that you get charged customs fees or duty, you should check with your country’s website to be sure before you place an order as Megacitydeals.com is not responsible for paying for any charges.